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dang look at this cool shirt from Mexico I really wanted to get it but it was in children’s sizes only

thats no excuse. wear the shirt anyway over your bulging adult body. bust through the seams as you flex your rippling biceps at the police, streaking past the other patrons in the park and clothed in nothing else but the tattered scrap of what used to be a childs shirt. bad as youguana be





This girl is believed to be in extreme danger. She went missing from her home in Grovetown, GA yesterday morning and is believed to be with a 28 year old male headed towards Oklahoma. Witness reports say they saw a young female who looks like her trying to climb out the back of a black SUV in Richmond County before it drove off erratically. Her name is Meghan Cotner, she is 18, and this is COMPLETELY out of the ordinary for her. She left her phone, her keys, and her car behind. This is not believed to be a runaway.

Please share no matter where you are and help return her to her family or at least make a safety call or something. Signal boost, tumblr!!!

Please repost this guys!

I hope this is the post you were wanting me to signal boost.

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